Some homeowners are ready to tackle not just one home improvement project, but many at the same time.  At S&S Construction we are very experienced with whole house renovation projects.  If you have a budget and are ready to start or if you need help understanding the costs and creating a budget for a whole house renovation, we can help.


The cost of your renovation and eventual budget will depend on many factors.  We help homeowners through the questions and requirements that help to define costs and create a budget from which to drive the renovations.  According to one study, the national average for remodeling multiple rooms in a house is $37,926.  This number will vary by state and city, but this gives you a rough idea if you are just starting out.  Other factors that will affect costs are the actual rooms to be remodeled, the material used, the size and age of your home to name just a few.

Hiring a Contractor

The most important step of any home renovation project is your choice of who to hire.  It is critical you choose a contractor that meets your needs and understands your home renovation goals.  Do not choose based on price.  Experience and references are important factors in making your choice.  By selecting the right contractor, your project has a higher chance of going more smoothly, have less headaches, and finish on time and within budget.  So do not rush this decision and be sure to do your due diligence.

Resale Value of Whole House Renovations

There may be many different reasons to embark upon a whole house renovation.  But the common question for all homeowners is what is the return on your renovation investment.  Market conditions determine the ultimate answer, but there is data that you can tap to get an idea how renovating your home will increase its value.  Look at similar projects in your area as well as homes of similar size and what they are currently selling for.